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5 Stories that celebrate people with Down syndrome

October is Down Syndrome Month and a perfect time to recognize how much those with developmental challenges enrich the world.

Words from aleteia.org

In a bid to help raise awareness, feel free to share their incredible stories with your friends and family!

Demonstrating faith

This 28-year-old put her heart and soul into copying out the Bible. Her efforts took a level of dedication that very few of us can attest to having.

Woman with Down syndrome copied out the entire Bible by hand

Baking while inspiring

Bakery owner Collette Divitto is not only providing sweet treats and jobs to others with mental disabilities, she’s inspiring people to view those with Down syndrome in a whole new light. She also provided much-needed nourishment to frontline workers during the pandemic.

Boston baker and entrepreneur with Down syndrome is breaking barriers

Fulfilling thespian dreams

These actors managed to put on their very own unique version of Romeo and Juliet during the pandemic. By putting their artistic skills to good use, they also found a voice to show the world they’re Oscar worthy.

Actors with Down syndrome release online version of Romeo and Juliet

Teaching a valuable lesson

This golfer’s impressive attitude showed the sporting world just how capable she is, all while giving her dad a reminder of what makes his life truly worthwhile.

How a golfer with Down syndrome gave her dad a valuable life lesson

Proving there’s nothing better than sibling love

Watching these two sisters interact can only bring a smile to your face.

Adorable sisters share beautiful message on Down syndrome

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