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A project from One Life Suffolk to support people with Learning Disabilities

As part of a wider national campaign to tackle obesity and promote maintaining a healthy weight, local authorities have been given funding to expand weight management programmes. Suffolk County Council has been awarded this funding which they have delegated OneLife Suffolk Adult Weight Management programme. 

This pilot aims to provide a more accessible and inclusive programme for individuals who live with Learning Disabilities in Suffolk to encourage and promote healthy lifestyle behaviours.

OneLife Suffolk have created a programme that is being co-produced with local adults living with Learning Disabilities, their families and carers, external organisations, healthcare providers, the local community, and charities.

Supporting resources and activities have also been created through collaboration with these stakeholders to ensure they meet the needs of those clients with Learning Disabilities.

Who are OneLife Suffolk?

OneLife Suffolk is a partnership between Leeds Beckett University and MoreLife, commissioned by Suffolk County Council. Our head office is based in Ipswich, and we have offices in Lowestoft and Bury St Edmunds with services that cover the County. 

Who are MoreLife?

MoreLife is a leading provider of integrated healthy lifestyle services, including effective weight management, physical activity, smoking cessation, and health improvement programmes, and has helped thousands of people successfully lose weight.

Your involvement

We would like your help to identify participants that would be interested in taking part.  We would then support you and them in completing the necessary consents and our referral form and answer some questions. 

To be eligible for the programme participants need to be identified with the following:

· Body Mass Indicator (BMI) of 30+ (or 27.5+ if of Black African, African-Caribbean or Asian Origin or with the following – Type 2 diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Osteoarthritis, Dyslipidaemia or Sleep Apnoea.) 

If you need support on working out a participant’s BMI please look at the BMI Calculator by searching NHS BMI Calculator online.

Exclusion Criteria: 

· Active Bulimia, Active Psychosis, Unsupported or Unstable Personality Disorder, Active Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) including Alcohol, Dementia, Pregnancy, Individuals who have undergone Bariatric Surgery in the last 12 months

At the first session we will take height and weight measurements which will be used to calculate BMI and to work out a personal calorie allowance.

We will also ask to take a waist measure as another way of monitoring the weight loss journey.  We would also like to take blood pressure at this session. After this session we will take weight weekly and waist measurements will be taken again at week 7 and week 12.

The programme will cover the following topics: 

  • Food Groups and Health Benefits
  • Physical Activity
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Mealtimes and Healthy Habits
  • Socialising and Eating Out   

Following the 12-week programme there will be a maintenance phase for an additional 14 weeks.  This will be delivered on a 121 basis to assist with the achievement of goals and to support the healthy lifestyle changes learnt in the initial 12 weeks. Measurements will be taken again at the end of this 14-week period. 


We will be asking participants consent questions prior to joining the programme and they have the right to withdraw from the pilot at any stage.

How will personal data be handled

All data will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy which can be found on our website www.onelifesuffolk.co.uk/about/privacy-policy

To get involved please contact Jude Godfrey, Learning Disability Pilot Lead Judith.godfrey@onelifesuffolk.co.uk or call 07826 516330

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