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Ace Anglia Online Art Gallery

Some members of the Ace online self-advocacy groups have come up with an idea for an online gallery of creativity. The creations will be displayed on the ACE Anglia webiste to share what people have been creating. 

Every week Ace will feature the artwork created by people around Suffolk.

The first of collection is from Ashley, who is a member of the ACE Anglia online
self-advocacy groups. https://www.aceanglia.com/ace-anglia-creative-online-arts-gallery/

The second collection is from Anne. https://www.aceanglia.com/ace-anglia-online-gallery-week-2/

If anybody else is interested ACE would love to hear from you. https://www.aceanglia.com/ace-anglia-online-gallery-week-2/

If you have anything creative, artistic, fantastic and expressive, please send it to chewy@aceanglia.com, or using WhatsApp 07920 427826. we are really looking forward to hearing from you.

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