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Am I Your Problem? Campaign

Our Am I Your Problem? campaign aims to challenge the indifference, hidden discrimination and sometimes outright hostility faced by people with a learning disability or autism.

United Response is calling on the general public to consider how their interaction and behaviour can harm people with learning disabilities or autism, dent their confidence and exclude them from society.

They have surveyed 1000 people from across the UK to find out their attitudes towards people with learning disabilities.

They have also surveyed 152 people with learning disabilities to find out how they are treated by others.

From this campaign, United Response came up with 6 tips on how you can help someone with a learning disability or autism in the community.

Read them and let us know if you agree with them.

United Response has also produced a Frequently Asked Questions page about Learning Disabilities to help people understand and be more aware of what they are and how they affect people.

Are there are questions they should add?

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