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BBC Suffolk talks to Ace Anglia

BBC Suffolk hosted Ace Anglia last night on Cad Taylor’s BBC Belong radio show.

Chewy from Ace Anglia talks about how technology has helped Ace keep in touch with self-advocates and providers. He talks about Self-advocacy Virtual Meetings. Chewy then speaks about wellbeing calls and the importance of keeping a line open for people to let them know their issues during this crisis. He promotes the Ordinary Lives and Ace Anglia websites. Talking about the ways we are trying to keep everyone informed with clear and accurate information. As well as how you can expressing yourself by submitting photos, videos, drawings and music to a new Online Art Gallery.

Daisy from Anglia Anglia then talked about wellbeing call and how they can help people by giving them someone to talk to. Daisy also tells Cad about Talk Health and Wellbeing, weekly virtual meetings where people can ask Learning Disability Liaison Nurses questions.

Listen to the full interview on BBC website

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