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COVID-19 update: £50 insurance-based refund cheque for all customers

Please see the statement from Motability below:

As lockdown has led to fewer drivers on the road in April and May, the Scheme has seen a lower level of claims, enabling it to share this saving with customers. As a result, for the past few weeks we have been sending an insurance-based refund of £50 to all customers.

We have made this decision in consultation with Motability, the Charity, and are automatically issuing the rebate by cheque, so there is no need for customers to contact us in connection with this.

We started sending the cheques in May and this will continue throughout June. You may have already received this cheque but if not, it should be with you shortly. It will arrive with a letter entitled ‘COVID-19 insurance-based rebate’.

Cashing the cheque

If you are unable to visit a branch to cash your cheque, you should speak to your bank to see what other options they have available. A number of banks now offer alternative ways of cashing cheques, such as:

  • Taking a photo of the cheque and sending via your smartphone banking app.
  • Submitting written details of the cheque, such as the issuer and reference number, via online banking.
  • Filling out a paying-in slip and posting this to the bank along with the cheque. You may have a paying-in slip in the back of your cheque book or paying-in book and if not, you can usually request one to be sent to you from the bank.

If you are unsure what services your bank offers to help you cash cheques, more details should be available on their website.

Despite these options we understand that some customers may not be able to cash the cheque at this time, but please be assured that it is valid for six months if you aren’t able to cash it right away.

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