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Deciding right – An initiative for making care decisions in advance

All care decisions must come from a shared partnership between the professional and the child, young person or adult. But for those who do not have capacity for their choices, or may lose that capacity in the future it is important that the right choices are made.

What is Deciding right?

Deciding right:

  • Applies to all ages, care situations and settings
  • Emphasises the partnership between the individual, carer or parent and the clinician
  • Places the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) at the centre of shared decision-making
  • Enables professionals and organisations to comply with the MCA by filling the gap in practice, not just the knowledge gap
  • Empowers the individual who lacks capacity to have decisions made in their best interests
  • Enables information to be recognisable in all care settings
  • Introduces emergency health care plans as an important adjunct in all settings to tailor care to the individual with complex needs
  • Ensures that, wherever possible, documentation and information is suitable for all ages (children, young people and adults)

The Deciding Right App

This app supports shared decision making that is compliant with the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and national guidance on CPR decisions and advance care planning. The app includes access to the Deciding Right toolkit which supports shared decision making and advance care planning conversations (www.nescn.nhs.uk).



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