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Flint Morton-Potts

Meaningful Lives is a programme to help people with autism or a learning disability lead fulfilling lives in Essex.

They have recently shared a video about Flint Morton-Potts who is an artist who lives in Essex.

Meaningful Lives loves to celebrate the diversity, talents and achievements of our autistic communities in Essex – so we were delighted when artist Flint Morton-Potts invited us to take a look inside his world. He’s with his mum Jenny. Flint is 21 years-old and we think his works of art are brilliant and inspirational. Enjoy.

You can watch the video by clicking on the link: https://www.facebook.com/MeaningfulLivesEssex/posts/201492154639787

Flint Morton-Potts: about me

I was born in France and I’m mixed race: Scottish and English. I’d like to live in America and have a camper van. I want to have lots of muscles, great big abs, pecs and biceps. I run a bit with my dog, Merlot. Her lead is attached to my belt. I lift weights. But mostly I draw and make animations. I’m not sure if I want a tattoo. If I do get one, I want a lightning bolt on my arm.

I think my wife will be called Susan and we’ll have three children: Davo, Junior and Kate.    

We got Sky television this year. I love the cinema.

I like music, all different kinds. I love the overture in ‘Phantom of the Opera’. I love ‘Matilda’ and very short hair but my Mum doesn’t like it too short. I like putting gel in my hair. I really like girls having red hair.  I’d like blue hair but I don’t know how to get it. I like girls with blonde hair too.

I like visiting my relatives who all live very far away. I like popcorn.

At the moment, I’m listening to ‘mythical music’. I’m writing a book called ‘Kith & Kyn’ about a boy whose parents get stolen by aliens and he, and his dog and a whole bunch of mythical creatures, get his mum and dad back. I have masses of illustrations for the book, like this one. This is my actual dog, but she doesn’t really have antlers. I like everyone to be happy. I’m happy.

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