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Greater Anglia, Stakeholder Equality Group

Members of the Information, Communication & Advocacy Workstream attended the first Greater Anglia Stakeholder Equality Group meeting of 2018.

The meeting looks at how to make things better for people with disabilities who use Greater Anglia services. The meetings are Chaired by the Accessibility Manager at Greater Anglia.

The group looked at key areas of interest and identified topics:

Built environment:

  • Toilets and dog spending pens
  • Smaller station accessibility issues (Suffolk)
  • Safe Spaces

Information, travel tickets/future/etc

  • Information at stations (printed or digital)
  • Assisted ticket purchase (talking TVMs, internet etc)
  • Future ticketing (mobile, smart cards)
  • Mobile apps, twitter, online communication
  • Unstaffed stations
  • Accessible formats, audio described & easy-read would be great. (Access resource pack idea)
  • Travel Training – how Greater Anglia can support and enable travel training (continuation of existing support to Essex CC)
  • Dealing with disruption

Trains, New Trains and Business Systems

  • Internal design of trains
  • How this will be communicated to customers (what to look for when boarding the train)
  • Communications of trains facilities (i.e. how out of order toilets is communicated to customers)
  • Engineering and Operational/Information Control and how they affect service for all customers, disabled customers etc

Learning and development

  • Dementia Champions are available to provide interactive training
  • Other hidden disability awareness would be welcome
  • Fuse App (a video/training platform that has been licenced to Greater Anglia to support non-class room training) Non-class room training videos
  • Guide dogs offer training

Reasonable adjustment

  • Reasonable adjustment in terms of boarding and disembarking at unstaffed or part time staffed stations.

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