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COVID-19 Vaccinations: Questions and Answers

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Should people who have already had COVID-19 get vaccinated?

Yes, people who have had COVID-19 should still get their vaccine once they are invited to have one. The Government have looked at this and decided that getting vaccinated is just as important for those who have already had COVID-19 as it is for those who haven’t.

What do the vaccines contain?

The approved COVID-19 vaccines do not contain any animal products or egg.

No COVID-19 virus or live virus is used in the vaccines. This means the vaccine cannot give you COVID-19 and does not make you infectious after you have had the vaccine.

Who took part in the vaccine trials?

The Pfizer trials included lots of people from different ethnic backgrounds. The Pfizer trials included: 9.6% Black/African, 26.1% Hispanic/Latino, 3.4% Asian.

For the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine 10.1% of trial participants were Black and 3.5% Asian.

There is no evidence either of the vaccines will work differently across different ethnic groups.

Are there any groups that shouldn’t have the vaccine?

People with a history of a severe allergy to the ingredients of the vaccines should not be vaccinated.

Experts on the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation and the World Health Organisation say that breastfeeding women can have the vaccine.

But you might decide to wait until you have finished breastfeeding and then have the vaccine.

Can I pay to get a vaccine privately?

No. Vaccinations will only be available through the NHS for the moment.

You cannot pay to get a vaccine.

Anyone who claims to be able to give you a vaccine for money is likely to be committing a crime. If you hear of something like this, you should report it to the Police, either online or by calling 112.

Where can I find more information about vaccinations?

For the Suffolk vaccination programme: suffolk.gov.uk/covidvaccinations

For more information about the programme, you can also visit: www.sneevaccine.org.uk