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Together We Can campaign

Social distancing is very important to help to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. We have taken some photos to help you understand the new rules that you may see whilst visiting Ipswich town centre over the next few months.

Many people are anxious about leaving the house and going back into their community for work or social activities (https://www.eadt.co.uk/news/scared-to-return-to-work-after-coronavirus-1-6697899). Together We Can is a campaign about the safe re-opening of Ipswich town centre.

If you, or someone you know is anxious, these measures may help to feel at ease and that Ipswich Borough Council is taking measures to support people’s safety. 

Many more shops will re-open in Ipswich from Monday 15th June. To help everyone stay safe, social distancing signs and measures are being put in place across the town centre. When visiting Ipswich, make sure you #StaySafe, #ShopLocal & #BeKind

Posters you may see in Ipswich