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LeDeR report: 2019

Some of the information in this article is upsetting. If you feel upset, it is important to talk to someone about it. This could be someone in your family, a friend or a support worker.

LeDeR stands for the Learning Disability Mortality Review programme.

People with learning disabilities in England continue to die prematurely and from treatable causes of death, the latest LeDeR annual report shows.

The report indicates that the majority of people with learning disabilities continue to die before reaching the age of 65. In the general population, 85 per cent of deaths happen at or after the age of 65, but in sharp contrast this is the case for just 37 per cent of people with learning disabilities.

Of the deaths notified to the LeDeR programme in 2019, two-fifths of adults and almost a quarter of children died from pneumonia, an illness which is normally treatable in this country. These figures are very similar to the figures for deaths caused by pneumonia published in the University’s two previous annual reports.

Professor Pauline Heslop, the LeDeR programme lead at the University of Bristol, said: “Pneumonia and aspiration pneumonia remain the most frequently reported causes of death, with little change over the past year. This is concerning as they are causes of death which could be preventable, as well as treatable. Addressing these causes of deaths remains an urgent priority.

“The disparity between people with learning disabilities and the general population in relation to average age at death, causes of death, and avoidable causes of death remains substantial and urgent action is needed.”

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LeDeR 2019 Annual Report (easy-read)

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LeDeR 2019 Annual Report (easy-read summary)

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A full copy of the 2019 LeDeR Annual Report is available to read here.

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