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My Home Focus Group: 12th September 2023

Meeting date: September 12, 2023

Focus Group:

Agenda Item

  • Item 1.
    Registered Social Landlords Presentation from Andrew Regent Orwell housing.
  • Item 2.
    Housing Options (Vimmi Hayes)
  • Item 3.
    Future Meeting agenda items – Your ideas.
  • Item 4.
    Suffolk Ordinary Lives Website Updates.

Who attended


Self Advocates


Families and Carers


Key Organisations


Provider Organisations


Board Members

Guest Speakers

  • Item 1.
    Andrew Regent, Orwell Housing
  • Item 2.
    Vimmi Hayes, Suffolk County Council

Item 1. Registered Social Landlords

  • You Said
    What’s the difference between social housing and private landlords?
  • Response
    Social housing is provided by a registered social landlord and generally the income goes back into building more houses etc. Private renting, generally the money goes into the landlords pocket as profit. We have seen that some people’s homes where support staff just enter people's homes, privacy is important in your own home. You should control who comes in either at the front door or bedroom door, is in shared accommodation. Best practice is that support always knock.
  • You Said
    If someone is renting somewhere and everything is going well with no issues, how long is their home their home?
  • Response
    It can be for as long as they want as long as the service is still being provided.

Item 2. Housing Options (Vimmi Hayes)

  • You Said
    If someone lives in their own home with support do they need to be registered with CGC?
  • Response
    If that person is a personal assistant they wouldn’t need to be registered but if its through an organisation it does.

Action plan

Invite Jill Knell to talk at a future group about housing solution for her son and housemates. 12/09/2023 Ace Anglia In progress
Invite a district council rep to talk about releasing equity in homes. 12/09/2023 Ace Anglia In progress
ACE to work with Orwell to make some short videos about tenancies, support at home. 12/09/2023 Ace Anglia In progress

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Minutes and Presentation: My Home Focus Group 12th September 2023

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