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My Life Focus Group: 19th April 2023

Meeting date: April 19, 2023

Focus Group:

Agenda item

  • Group of people round a table giving feedback on something
    Item 1. What you said about reviews
    This whole meeting was dedicated to coming up with questions and responses to prepare for July’s meeting.

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Item 1. What you said about reviews

  • We know people are having telephone reviews but are not that these were actual reviews.
  • I had a review last year, but it was online.
  • I am aware of many people in services who have not had a review in the last 2 years.
  • I am bit worried about meeting my social worker today.
  • People are not given good choices and end up being stuck in day services.
  • People need to understand what opportunities are available.
  • Social workers are just sending people to day service because it’s easier for them.
  • Ordinary life means a different thing to each of us this needs to be taken into consideration.
  • Why does it all come back to money?
  • People are not being told that is ok to say that they don't have to do something if they don’t like it.
  • From my point of view my issues are not resolved and I can’t even get the help from the people that I need to contact.
  • I don’t feel that I am listened to.
  • I feel that most of my issues are no sorted out.
  • Sometimes I think because the information is made 'easy read' support workers, carers don't feel the need to sit and explain it and have a conversation.
  • Reviews need to happen I’ve not had mine since I’ve moved on to recreate Enterprises, I love it there but a review really needs to happen.
  • Social workers need to explain things a bit better.
  • We should never assume people only communicate in one way. We are all different so that must be acknowledged in the way we interact.
  • The Accessible information standard needs to be implemented in the way the ICBs use it, making sure information is accessible for everyone.
  • Social workers should not be judgmental to people with disabilities like me.
  • Real person-centred thing needs to be applied for everybody.
  • We are concerned about the quality of phone reviews.
  • Some people and providers are not aware that a phone review has happened, this is a concern around the quality of that review, preparation time and support.
  • We are aware that there is work going on around the different ways to communicate or make an ACS referral.
  • People said they are happy to help with this as communication is key to people being empowered to make changes in their lives.
  • Create top tips leaflet preparing people for reviews/used by the support worker too.
  • Good support workers are central to accessing new things.
  • My son has good proactive support workers who make a difference. GOOD TRAINING is essential.
  • All organisations should be focused on Total Communication.
  • My son is nonverbal, and his support team are developing a pictorial comms board. They use photos a lot with him, and it makes a big difference to him.
  • Its all about changing mindsets & cultures and accepted practices.
  • Anecdotal evidence often ignored but it is our most powerful way of effecting change & understanding needs.
  • This can be done by highlighting stories through film and other interactive ways.
  • Its all about changing mindsets & cultures and accepted practices.
  • Can you clarify how social worker allocation plays out across the county, what is the process?
  • “It would be handy if people were given the name of a social worker who would work with them.”
  • “It would be best if a social worker can build a relationship with the person and have a history with them.”
  • Is there anything I can do to help me to get a social worker?
  • Can people have a named social worker, If, they do how do they do this, and how do they keep that social worker?
  • How are people allocated and do different ways get different results?
  • Is there easy read information about the different routes to get a social worker?

Action plan

All this information to go back to James and Jez to form next meeting. 20/06/2023 David Hill (Ace Anglia) Complete
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