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My Voice Focus Group: 31st August 2023

Meeting date: August 31, 2023

Focus Group:

Agenda Item

  • Item 1.
    Greater Anglia: Proposed changes to ticket office Alan Neville Community Customer Engagement manger
  • Item 2.
    Accessibility in the community outcome Emile.
  • Item 3.
    Item 3. Any other business

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  • Item 1.
    Alan Neville, Greater Anglia

Item 1. Greater Anglia: Proposed changes to ticket office

  • You Said
    Will there still be staff at the station to help people with learning disabilities?
  • Response
    Yes there will be staff available they will be out and about rather than behind glass. There will be conductors on board the intercity and regional train services who will be aware of people with disabilities.
  • You Said
    There is a worry that people may not be able to find staff on platforms when they need them.
  • Response
    Staff are getting more training on accessibility needs.
  • You Said
    Sometimes other people are sitting in disabled areas on the trains.
  • Response
    Conductors can intervene where needed and rail staff are trained to keep an eye out even when off duty. They do keep an eye out but it is a difficult one.
  • You Said
    With travel training they have found that English isn’t first language for some of the people they have worked with and find the ticket machines hard to use.
  • Response
    The Community Rail Partnership have been doing some work and training around this.
  • You Said
    Will the ticket machines still take cash as some people budget and still like to see what they are spending.
  • Response
    Yes, the machines will continue taking cash.
  • You Said
    Someone said they had seen nothing about the train strikes.
  • Response
    Any strikes are widely advertised on social media, posters and signs at stations as well as a high profile notice on the websites.
  • You Said
    Is there a sticker in the window to let people know there is a ramp available for accessibility?
  • Response
  • You Said
    The story shows he persevered and he wasn’t going to stop until it made a change!
  • Response
  • You Said
    We do need people who need change to keep telling us, it doesn’t have to be an argument, just ask the question.
  • Response

Item 2. Accessibility in the community outcome Emile

Item 3. Any other business

  • Does support and care training include people with learning disabilities and their families on their training programmes.
  • Will talk to ACS about helping people with travelling in London as feels it’s a life skill that is so important whether for tourism or hospital appointments.
  • What services are available, some people with learning disabilities are carers themselves, advocacy can help.

Action plan

How to join the rail accessibility group 31/08/2023 Alan Neville to look into with James Bonehill In progress
Contact London underground 31/08/2023 Ace Anglia Complete
More information about bus passes 31/08/2023 Ace Anglia Complete
My Focus Groups Thumbnail 31 August 23

Minutes and Presentation: My Voice Focus Group 31st August 2023

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