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Moving and Handling training from Suffolk Family Carers

Do you have to help the person you care for get out of bed? Or move around the house?

Suffolk Family Carers work with occupational therapists who can visit your home and help you learn how to safely move your cared for? Not safely for them but also safely for you.

More information about the training

It’s essential to understand safe moving and handling practice so that you don’t hurt yourself, or the person you care for.

The most common injuries for carers are across the back, which may limit your movement and ability to care for your loved one. It could take time for you to fully recover.

Incorrectly lifting the person you care for can damage fragile skin, cause bruising or cuts and can also cause shoulder and neck injuries and increase existing breathing difficulties.

Suffolk Family Carers believe if you are regularly lifting or moving someone it’s best to obtain training or have someone demonstrate the correct techniques. We have commissioned a qualified Occupational Therapist who will  visit you in your home to provide you with free practical information and advice on how to move or handle the person you care for, without injuring yourself or them.

The session will increase your confidence when moving & handling  and can also support you when receiving the equipment you need when moving & handling in your home.

Subjects covered include;

  • Preventing falls.
  • Preventing fractures.
  • Preventing falls & trips.
  • How to look after your own health.
  • Assessment of any equipment you may have.

For more information about the project, please click this link: https://suffolkfamilycarers.org/courses-by-sfc/moving-and-handling-project/

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