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Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust: co-production Strategy

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 requires Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioners in NHS England to enable: “Patients and Carers to participate in planning, managing and making decisions about their care and treatment through services it commissions.” The term co-production dates from the 1970s and has more recently become a new way of describing working in partnership by sharing knowledge and experience with people using services, carers, families and staff.

The principles of co-production:

  • Equality – everyone has assets. Assets refer to skills, abilities, time and other qualities
  • Diversity – diversity and inclusion are important values within co-production
  • Accessibility – accessibility is ensuring everyone has the same opportunity to take part fully, in a way that suits them best
  • Reciprocity – ensure that people receive something back for putting something in, and building on peoples’ needs to feel needed and valued. It is also linked to “mutuality” and all people having agreed responsibilities and expectations

Co-production Strategy: 2019 – 2024

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The principles of co-production apply to us all and in every aspect of service provision, development and improvement. They are as valid for those who deliver and plan services as they are for those who use services and for the people who support them. Our Trust provides essential services for thousands of people across Norfolk and Suffolk. As a Trust we are committed to support prevention and recovery.

The principles of co-production are applied to every aspect of service delivery and development. The aim of this strategy is to ensure that co-production is at the heart of everything we do. It is central to achieving the Government’s objectives of personalising services and increasing choice and control for users and carers.