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Patients and carers wanted for an online workshop on diagnosing urinary tract infection (UTI)

illustration of doctors and treatment for urinary tract infections

Sharing details of an opportunity for patient and carers to get involved in a workshop on diagnosing urinary tract infections to get the views from people to help improve diagnosis and how to best work with people to identify issues. 

The Office of the Chief Scientific Officer in the Medical Directorate at NHS England and NHS Improvement is working on how improvements could be made to diagnosing urinary tract infections.

An online workshop is taking place on Wednesday 20 July 2022, from 9.15 am – 3 pm.

“We really want to have patients and carers attend the workshop who have experience with urinary tract infections.”

The day will involve online breakout groups. Prior to the workshop, we will hold an online briefing session to answer any questions you may have and make sure you are comfortable using online engagement tools.

“We really want to know what you think and find out from your experience how we can improve our ways of working with you.”

If you would like to take part or if you want to find out further information, please contact Zoe Clarke by email: z.clarke@nhs.net by Friday 8 July.

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