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Rapid Coronavirus testing in Ipswich: booking information

Asymptomatic testing to be rolled out across the country starting this week.

More information can be found here:



Booking information for rapid testing site in Ipswich is attached. This free service is only available for individuals who DO NOT have COVID 19 symptoms.

You can find out more details by viewing the PDF below.

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Rapid Coronavirus testing in Ipswich: booking information

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Extract from press release:

Rapid, regular testing for people without symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) will be made available across the country from this week, with the eligibility of the community testing programme expanded to cover all 317 local authorities. Local authorities will be encouraged to target testing at people who are unable to work from home during the national lockdown.

Expansion of asymptomatic testing will identify more positive cases of COVID-19 and ensure those infected isolate, protecting those who cannot work from home and our vital services. This programme is crucial given that around 1 in 3 people have coronavirus without displaying any symptoms. The single most important action we can all take to protect the NHS and save lives, is to stay at home.

So far, 131 local authorities have signed up to community testing, with 107 already having started testing in their communities. Many of these, including Essex and Milton Keynes, are focusing on the testing of critical workers and those who must leave home for essential reasons.

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