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Tips For Employers: By young people with special education needs and disabilities


Tips For Employers: By young people with special education needs and disabilities

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  1. Make it clear what the job is. Expect me to do just that job, not lots of other tasks; it’s too confusing if I’m given lots of tasks! I need routine. Visual is best – posters – clear images – timetables. If I have a regular task it will build my confidence.
  2. Give me a mentor or a buddy. Give me someone to shadow to help me build my confidence at the start. Build up slowly getting to know staff. Have a ‘go to’ person.
  3. Simplify my day. Let me know when I can have breaks/lunch. Let me know what’s expected of me in advance. Give me a ten minute break between each task. Give me a visual timetable for the day, especially if I have different tasks to do at different times. Give me a clear description of what I will be doing and keep it consistent.
  4. Be aware of the Disability Discrimination Act. Make sure you set up a conversation with me about my needs; the workplace needs to be accessible to me. You will have to check I can get about in my wheelchair and may have to adapt the toilet, install ramps, widen doorways etc.
  5. Can I come in for a few days to get used to the place before the job actually starts? Don’t rush through my induction. Make it longer than normal. Written down information can be difficult for me; can someone read through the induction paperwork with me? Make a plan and stick to it, don’t change things too quickly with me.
  6. Taster days. Set up lots of visits/taster sessions before starting so I can feel OK around travel there/food arrangements/toilets/dress code or uniform/length of day/breaks – tell me all these things CLEARLY!
  7. Build on my positives. Focus on my positive skills and abilities, such as my time keeping, reliability and strong work ethic.

Shared by Julia Ilott, Engagement Hub Manager, Children and Young People’s Services, SCC.

Find out more about the Engagement Hub by visiting the Suffolk County Council website. Click the following link to find out more: https://bit.ly/3xUSnPb

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