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Stay connected: supporting people with learning disabilities to use technology

What is the best way to support people with learning disabilities to access and use technology?

The Open University have produced a series of videos. In this series of videos, people with learning disabilities and their support workers share their experiences of providing and receiving support to use everyday technologies. This includes tablets and mobile phones to access applications such as the YouTube and Zoom. The interviewees highlight the importance of person-centred support that is informed by a good understanding of both technology and the person with a learning disability who is being supported.

To find out more information please look on the Open University website: https://www.open.edu/openlearn/health-sports-psychology/mental-health/stay-connected-supporting-people-learning-disabilities-use-technology

Providing personalised support

Understanding what technology can offer

Understanding the potential benefits

Building belief in the potential for successful technology use

Teaching people with learning disabilities how to
use their learning technologies

Understanding common difficulties

Troubleshooting when things go wrong

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