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My Health

The My Health Focus Groups are for anyone who has an interest in the Suffolk Joint Learning Disability Strategy this could be people with a learning disability, autistic people, families and carers, provider organisations, members of the public, key organisations and businesses.

There are 4 My Health Focus Groups a year, which are online and face-to-face.

The My Health Focus Group is co-chaired by:

  • Wendy Scott, Head of Quality Mental Health Learning Disability and Autism, Suffolk & North East Essex ICB
  • Mark Conquer, Expert with Experience Project Worker, Ace Anglia

The My Health Focus Group is about working in co-production. Guest speakers from health and social care come to talk about topics highlighted by the Group. It is really important that people with a learning disability come to the My Health Focus Group to talk about what changes they want to see happen across Suffolk.

Contact: info@suffolkordinarylives.co.uk for more information

The My Health Focus Group wants to:

  • Showcase and celebrate best practice.
  • Identify projects to work together on.
  • Explore how we want the group to work, communicate with each other and develop plans to ensure the vision of the strategy is supported:
  • People with learning disabilities live good lives as part of their community, with the right support, at the right time, from the right people.
  • The findings from this coproduction will feed back into the Suffolk Learning Disability Partnership Board to support and enable change.

Upcoming Events

My Health Focus Group: 1st February 2024

Meeting date: February 1, 2024

  • Item 1.
    Menopause film presentation
  • Item 2.
    Buzzy four Shots
  • Item 3.
    Hospital Passport Film (Steven Largent and Emer O'Mahony)
  • Item 4.
    What did we talk about in 2023

Who attended


Self Advocates


Families & Carers


Key Organisations


Provider Organisations


Board Members

Guest Speakers

  • Item 1 Menopause film presentation
    Izzie Akers
  • Item 2 Buzzy Four Shots
    Jerry Newman / Jackie Hammond
  • Item 3 Hospital Passports
    Emer O'Mahony

Item 1. Menopause film presentation

  • You Said
    Jerry feels that there is a real need for families and carers, so they have an understanding of the Menopause. This would be a fantastic resource for young people who haven’t been through the menopause.
  • Response
  • You Said
    Andrea explained that there had been a pilot last year all about women’s health. There were 8 workshops and one of them was menopause.
  • Response
  • You Said
    Jerry said that these are great ideas for all and that it works that as a man you can roll this out to understand parts of men’s health too
  • Response
  • You Said
    Andrea talked about the data that ACE collected from the Pilot and how important it is to use this help people understand what is going to happen and how to find understanding and coping mechanisms
  • Response

Item 2. Buzzy Four Shots

  • You Said
    Mark asked Jerry if there is a speed control for the machine as this could be a useful function for people who didn’t like the feeling or sensation.
  • Response
    Andrea suggested that as an action from the focus group and the partnership board that Jerry , Mark and Chewy send an email to the manufacturers to ask them if there is this function to reduce the amount vibration for people who do not like the sensation.
  • You Said
    People said that this invention was an impressive piece of equipment for people who did not like injections.
  • Response

Item 3. Hospital Passports

  • You Said
    It was asked if the flag system runs alongside the hospital passport.
  • Response
    Emer said all the information for parents that she currently holds will be incorporated into the new Hospital flag system.
  • You Said
    Andrea let us know that Dr Naveed Iqbal, who is currently making an app that people can use to take to their annual health checks with all their own info wants to us the hospital passport film in the app.
  • Response
    Izzie has sent the film to Dr Naveed.
  • You Said
    Alison said that the video has been shared across Suffolk and northeast Essex and has been shared with many colleagues.
  • Response
  • You Said
    Emer showed the group the hospital passport for people with and learning disability and autism, she also showed a version for people with autism without a learning disability.
  • Response
    Andrea asked can we put both versions on the Ordinary Lives’ website.
  • You Said
    Alison asked if a person is admitted to a different hospital than the one that their passport came from, would it still be accepted.
  • Response
    Emer said they would ask if the person has a hospital passport or something similar. So yes, but she is promoting the Hospital passport from West Suffolk.

Item 3. What did we talk about in 2024

  • The group spoke discussed what we spoke about in 2023. The group separated into smaller groups and wrote spoke about topics they would like to cover in 2024.
  • Some of these topics are: Men's Health, screening, Physical activity, Maternity support for autistic people, stroke association.

Action plan

Email the manufacturers of buzzy Four Shots to ask them if there is this function to reduce the amount vibration for people who do not like the sensation. 01/02/2024 Jerry Newman, Mark Conquer, Chewy Not started
To put different My Health Passport on Suffolk Ordinary lives website and explain difference. 01/02/2024 Ace Anglia Complete
My Health Focus 1Feb minutes Thumbnail

Easy Read Minutes for My Home Focus Group: 1st February 2024

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Presentation for My Home Focus Group: 1st February 2024

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