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The My Home Focus Groups are for anyone who has an interest in the Suffolk Joint Learning Disability Strategy this could be people with a learning disability, autistic people, families and carers, provider organisations, members of the public, key organisations and businesses.

There are 4 My Home Focus Groups a year, which are online and face-to-face.

The My Home Focus Group is co-chaired by:

Sarah Perrin, Assistant Director Service Development & Contracts Adult Community Services

Mark Conquer, Expert with Experience Project Worker, Ace Anglia

The My Home Focus Group is about working in co-production. Guest speakers from health and social care come to talk about topics highlighted by the Group. It is really important that people with a learning disability come to the My Home Focus Group to talk about what changes they want to see happen across Suffolk.

Contact: info@suffolkordinarylives.co.uk for more information

The My Home Focus Group wants to:

  • Showcase and celebrate best practice
  • Identify projects to work together on
  • Explore how we want the group to work, communicate with each other and develop plans to ensure the vision of the strategy is supported:
  • People with learning disabilities live good lives as part of their community, with the right support, at the right time, from the right people.
  • The findings from this coproduction will feed back into the Suffolk Learning Disability Partnership Board to support and enable change.

Upcoming Events

My Home Focus Group: 6th March 2024

Meeting date: March 6, 2024

  • Item 1.
    What is the role of Adult Community Services?
  • Item 2.
    Update on the Independent Lives Programme
  • Item 3.
    Adult Social Care Accommodation strategy
  • Item 4.
    Group Exercise

Who attended


Self Advocates


Families & Carers


Key Organisations


Provider Organisations


Board Members

Guest Speakers

  • Sarah Perin Assistant Director Service Development & Contracts Adult and Community Services
    Chair of My Home Focus group
  • Mark Conquer, Experts with experience, Ace Anglia
    Co-chair of My Home Focus group

What is the role of Adult Community Services?

  • You said (Family Carer)
    We have the partnership board as a place for people to feed into. Where is a place that family carers can be part of and co-produce work moving forward?
  • Response
    The focus groups such as this one are a fair place for people and families to feed in and co-produce and influence plans for the future.
  • You Said (Provider)
    When referring to People at The Heart Of Care it would be good to use the image that is associated with it so that people know.
  • Response
  • You Said (Supported housing provider)
    Is it possible for people who we support to have a named link worker from ACS. This used to happen but no longer does, it would be beneficial to the people we support for a consistent and familiar link worker.
  • Response
    We are looking at how we can deliver the support better. Realistically over the next 12 months this would be unlikely under the current financial and recruitment situation. But an example could be having a link practitioner in different supported accommodation settings might help.
  • You said (Self-advocate)
    We used to have a named worker but we don’t have anybody now.
  • Response
    Thank you for sharing your experience. ACE are meeting with Nic Roper and will look at how we can plan workshops for the My Voice Focus group to co-produce how we find solutions to these kinds of issues and make changes.
  • You Said (Self-advocate)
    We don’t get told when they are leaving and if we will get a new social worker.
  • Response
    " "
  • You Said (Family Carer)
    We have taken into consideration that there is lack of money and resource. Please can we keep everything as simple as possible and make sure that the voices of people and families is not lost as it then becomes unnecessarily complicated.
  • Response
    We are trying to make it as simple as possible, this is the reason for the 6 priorities.
  • You Said (Family Carer)
    It is important to maintain the relationship with children and young people’s services and the families.
  • Response
    We need to get better at this, if you look at the care act is says transition planning should start from 14, this way the families wouldn’t suddenly come into adult services and unprepared
  • You Said (Self-advocate)
    Jake talked about making sure that people were valued and paid well. He talked about the importance of inclusion and having the right support at the time from the right people and how real inclusion can educate and support everybody to understand that differences can bring people together, and that a little understanding through co-production can work to makes things better for all.
  • Response
    Paying people well for some of the most valuable jobs is really important, but are extremely challenging and Suffolk are dipping into reverse money this year to balance the budget, we are also tying to maintain good quality care and adapt to the market.

Adult Social Care Accommodation strategy

  • You said (Family Carer)
    One of the issues that crops up is social workers, their managers, their commissioners don’t know who the providers are. If somebody is out of county and are coming back into Suffolk, they will then argue that that person needs to stay out of county. If the commissioners don’t know, how can we possibly know?
  • Response
    If they don’t know, there is the question should they know? This comes back to the integrated brokerage. There is only so much that any person can hold in their head, do and have time to do. What we really want is for social workers, and practitioners to work with people and their families around what they want and what they need. That can then go to someone that is a specialist who understands the range of support that is out there, rather than just going, this is why the 6 priorities and integrated brokerage is in there. It is a real issue that we don’t have a framework for supported living. There is a need for a strong offer in the market.

Easy Read Minutes for My Home Focus Group: 6th March 2024

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