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My Life

The My Life Focus Group is about working in co-production. Guest speakers from health and social care and wider organisations come to talk about topics highlighted by the Group. It is really important that people with a learning disability come to the My Life Focus Group to talk about what changes they want to see happen across Suffolk.

Contact: info@suffolkordinarylives.co.uk for more information

The My Life Focus Group wants to:

  • Showcase and celebrate best practice
  • Identify projects to work together on
  • Explore how we want the group to work, communicate with each other and develop plans to ensure the vision of the strategy is supported:
  • People with learning disabilities live good lives as part of their community, with the right support, at the right time, from the right people.
  • The findings from this coproduction will feed back into the Suffolk Learning Disability Partnership Board to support and enable change.

Upcoming Events

My Life Focus Group: 24th November 2023

Meeting date: November 24, 2023


  • Item 1.
    Self-assessment tool update – Jamie Stewart, Suffolk County Council
  • Item 2.
    Social care reviews update – James Boutle, Suffolk County Council
  • Item 3.
    Reviews Action

Who attended


Self Advocates


Families & Carers


Key Organisations


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Board Members

Guest Speakers

  • Item 1.
    Jamie Stewart, Suffolk County Council – Self-assessment tool update
  • Item 2.
    James Boutle, Suffolk County Council – Social care reviews update

Item 1 – Self-assessment tool update

  • You Said
    It feels you can triage some of the information on a self-assessment to another service. Do you see the self-assessment having a positive impact on assessment waiting times?
  • Response
    The information can be seen sooner in areas that are a struggle or challenge to some people and helpful to enable these areas sooner. And yes there is a vision there to address waiting times and help people earlier.
  • You Said
    I like the idea of the self assessment in that you can go at your own pace rather than limited time with an assessor. Will you give a response, after being submitted, of a response time or deadline that you will be back in contact?
  • Response
    Yes, that’s the plan to have a certain time to get back in contact. There will be numbers that people can call in the meantime if circumstances change or need help.
  • You Said
    Myself and others work with parents of autistic people where the giving and receiving of information isn’t typical – has this been factored in to the self-assessment?
  • Response
    Yes, we have worked with a company called Imosphere to make everything as clear as possible and adding the recite me tool. We are happy for further testing if anyone wants to help test.

Item 2 – Social care reviews update

  • You Said
    Do you have targets to reduce the costs of packages through the review process?
  • Response
    Everyone is aware that councils are under financial pressure and keen to be cost effective. But, we still have a duty under the care act to meet peoples needs. A better quality of services is important and being cost effective.
  • You Said
    Sometimes people are held out of good support when authorities are looking at who should be paying for that support.
  • Response
    It is something that happens but shouldn’t.
  • You Said
    When looking at reviews that are successful is there a trend of the person having an advocate ?
  • Response
    It’s difficult to say what is a difficult review. But would say that where there is strong support then there is much better quality reviews.
  • You Said
    How is a proportionate review made, there shouldn’t be an assumption that the support someone has is ok?
  • Response
    They aren’t a case of someone sitting in an office making the decision. They happen when a worker has been involved with the person and understands them and what they know. They call them beforehand with the plan when the review is due and whether it will be proportionate.

Item 3 – Reviews group chat and taking it forward

  • You Said
    It was discussed that we take the reviews subject and for the My Life group to use it as a
  • Response
    The next group is 15th February which was agreed as too soon and penciled in to use this on the following group 14th May 2024.
  • You Said
    The plan is to have a co-production workshop, face to face with James Boutle, social workers, support workers, locality managers and self-advocates.
  • Response
    This can be an opportunity to have discussions and to think out of the box rather than just sending people to day services.
  • You Said
    Discussions can be about reviews and peoples experiences with examples of what has worked well and what hasn’t worked so well. It would be great to have some social workers involved that are doing the reviews.
  • Reponse

Action plan

Set up a planning meeting for My life – reviews coproduction workshop (Live session) 24/11/2023 Ace Anglia, Leading Lives In progress
Set up a group to share and test the self assessment tool and feedback. Collate information and send to Jamie at SCC. 24/11/2023 Ace Anglia, Jamie Stewart Not started

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