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Ballet dancer Joe Powell-Main

“Coming back to [dance] with a disability, a lot of people… see me probably as the wrong type of dancer doing ballet.” Read the full story on the BBC news website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-59494259 Despite being Wales’ first professional ballet dancer with a disability, Joe Powell-Main has faced some judgements. The 23-year-old has returned to dance from injury and uses his wheelchair and crutches to perform. He said it should be easier for others like him to enter the profession in future.…

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The Other One Show

The Other One Show: The learning disabilities chat show hosted by people with learning disabilities. About this event The Other One Show is a chat show hosted by people with learning disabilities. Find out more about the lives of people with learning disabilities and the people that work with them. “Our wonderful hosts and fascinating guests make this a must see!“ With Christmas around the corner the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities and London South Bank University are pleased to present…


‘People are talking about us instead of hiding us away’

The stars with Down’s syndrome lighting up our screens: ‘People are talking about us instead of hiding us away’ From Line of Duty to Mare of Easttown, a new generation of performers are breaking through. Meet the actors, models and presenters leading a revolution in representation. In the middle of last winter’s lockdown, while still adjusting to the news of their newborn son’s Down’s syndrome diagnosis, Matt and Charlotte Court spotted a casting ad from BBC Drama. It called for…


Think Piece: 1. What does good inclusion look like?

Please note that these are the thoughts and views of an individual working in Suffolk, and don’t necessarily convey the thoughts or views of the Suffolk Learning Disability Partnership as a whole. Names and identifying details have been changed / omitted to protect the privacy of individuals. I support a young man to go swimming once a week. I have often thought about the question: ‘what does good support look like?‘ For me, it goes without saying that you support…

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