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laptop, phone and tablet showing social media websites and a lady on a Zoom call.


Safer Online Lives research project

The Safer Lives Online project from The Tizard Centre is looking for people with learning disabilities to take their survey. There is a £10 Love2Shop voucher available for those taking part. About the project The internet and social media have become a big part of many people’s lives. But we don’t know much about how people with intellectual disabilities use the internet and social media. We want to hear from adults with intellectual disabilities in the UK, and the people…

photo of ITV presenters, each with the caption me highlighting the fact they have a hidden disability


Invi­sible Disabi­lities

Disability affects more people than you may think, and it’s not always visible. ITV has partnered with disability equality charity, Scope, to promote understanding of invisible disabilities. What is an invisible disability? Some impairments and conditions are not immediately obvious. These are wide-ranging and include: autism chronic pain mental health conditions learning difficulties hearing impairments asthma diabetes Impact on the lives of disabled people Disabled people with invisible impairments and conditions often experience negative attitudes, social isolation and a lack…

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