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my golden retriever dog, ralph, posing for a photo on a path in the woods


How to write better alt-text descriptions for accessibility

Read the full article on the big hack website: https://bighack.org/how-to-write-better-alt-text-descriptions-for-accessibility/ Adding alt-text to images is an important part of web accessibility. It allows people using screen readers to process images on a page. It includes visually impaired and blind users in the conversation. WebAIM’s analysis of the top homepages in the world continues to cite missing alt-text as one of the most common accessibility failings. So why, given its importance, is alt-text often so badly implemented? From a technical perspective, alt-text…

three young people going for a walk in the park


Eating Disorder support: a new programme for young people in Suffolk

Aged 16-25 and struggling with an eating disorder? If you live in Suffolk and are looking to tackle recoveryhead on, this one’s for you. What? TEDS (Tackling Eating Disorders in Suffolk) is a 6 month programme of knowledge, support, befriending and recovery motivation. Who is the programme for? People aged 16-25 who live in the Suffolk area. All genders, sexualities and ethnicities welcomed. Where? Online content for you to stream at a time convenient to you, landing monthly. How much?…


With Disabilities ‘Rarely’ Seen, Netflix Commits $100 Million Toward Inclusion

Netflix is pledging to do more after a report finds that representation of people with disabilities and other groups is lacking in its original films and television shows. The report released late last week was conducted by Stacy Smith at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Smith and her team reviewed 126 films and 180 series released in 2018 and 2019 to measure representation by gender, race/ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and disability. While the study gave Netflix good marks…

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