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Suffolk Family Carers: parent carer survey

A message from Suffolk Family Carers: “In the coming months we will establish peer support groups and workshops for parents and carers of children and young people with neurodevelopmental difficulties.” “To ensure we meet the needs of parents and carers we would be grateful if you could help us understand the formats that work best for you.” “The information you provide is collected anonymously and we have no way to link your responses back to you.” Neurodevelopmental difficulty is an overarching term to describe…

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Growing Older – Planning Ahead

A research project looking at improving the support for older people with learning disabilities, family, carers, and supporting end of life care planning for carers. This is a research project from the Open University. The research team are looking for people with learning disabilities to join a co-design group! This means working together to find the best ways to do things. The group will find ways to help people make plans. You can join if you are over 40 &…

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