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Bowel cancer screening – easy-read guide

The NHS invites men and women for bowel cancer screening after their 60th birthday. Read this easy-read guide to find out more about this important health test. Can’t see the link? Click here to view and download the easy-read guide: https://suffolkordinarylives.co.uk/resources/bowel-cancer-screening-easy-read-guide/

illustration of doctors and treatment for urinary tract infections


Patients and carers wanted for an online workshop on diagnosing urinary tract infection (UTI)

Sharing details of an opportunity for patient and carers to get involved in a workshop on diagnosing urinary tract infections to get the views from people to help improve diagnosis and how to best work with people to identify issues.  The Office of the Chief Scientific Officer in the Medical Directorate at NHS England and NHS Improvement is working on how improvements could be made to diagnosing urinary tract infections. An online workshop is taking place on Wednesday 20 July…

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Living Well With Autism

The Recovery College is run by the mental health trust and the aim is to provide an educational approach to understanding and managing some of the mental health challenges that people are facing. The Recovery College are offering a new course ‘Living Well With Autism’.  “This 5 week free course helps people (16+ years) explore ways that people who have autism can live well and have a meaningful and purposeful life. Like all our courses at the Recovery College, this…

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Suffolk Family Carers: parent carer survey

A message from Suffolk Family Carers: “In the coming months we will establish peer support groups and workshops for parents and carers of children and young people with neurodevelopmental difficulties.” “To ensure we meet the needs of parents and carers we would be grateful if you could help us understand the formats that work best for you.” “The information you provide is collected anonymously and we have no way to link your responses back to you.” Neurodevelopmental difficulty is an overarching term to describe…

male nurse smiling at a patient


Creating accessible healthcare environments for people with autism

Staff can use a simple environmental checklist to help make healthcare environments more accessible to people with autism. An article from Stephen Simpson, senior autism practitioner, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. About this work Over 1% of the UK population has a diagnosis of autism and, of this group, half will also have a learning disability. Studies show that people with autism die 12 years earlier than the general population and one reason is poor access to health services.…

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