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illustration of doctors and treatment for urinary tract infections


Patients and carers wanted for an online workshop on diagnosing urinary tract infection (UTI)

Sharing details of an opportunity for patient and carers to get involved in a workshop on diagnosing urinary tract infections to get the views from people to help improve diagnosis and how to best work with people to identify issues.  The Office of the Chief Scientific Officer in the Medical Directorate at NHS England and NHS Improvement is working on how improvements could be made to diagnosing urinary tract infections. An online workshop is taking place on Wednesday 20 July…


Stop People Dying Too Soon

Digital Voice for Communities specialises in giving people a voice by supporting people to have a voice about issues that matter to them. They worked with Inclusion North and the group they support to make a film about a human rights issue close to their heart. They have created this powerful response to the latest LeDeR Annual Report. This report highlights how and why people with a learning disability die too soon. Click here for more information


Support my Right to Love (within the law)

An event from Supported Loving / Choice Support About this event A practical overview of the main legal issues individuals may face in supporting sex and/or relationships in social care. The event will split into two sessions over two consecutive days. Tuesday 2nd March – 10am -1pm Wednesday 3rd March – 10am- 1pm Despite being an online event it will be fully interactive – there will plenty of space for small group discussions and questions Dr Claire Bates is the…

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