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Your care, your way

Clear, understandable information is important to help you make the right health and care decisions. Join this national Healthwatch campaign, and have your say on what needs to change. Everyone should be told about healthcare in the way they need it. ‘Your care, your way’ aims to: Find out how well health and care services deliver the Accessible Information Standard. Help people to know their rights to accessible information from services. Find out who else has problems understanding information about…

cover of review of the accessible information standard


Review of the NHS Accessible Information Standard

Urgent priorities for change, informed by patients’ livedexperience and NHS professionals. In late 2021, a coalition of charities surveyed NHS and social care professionals in England, as well as disabled people who have accessible information and communication needs, about the NHS Accessible Information Standard. More than 900 people gave responses. We have added an easy-read version of the review below. Here are some key facts from the findings: After five years of the Accessible Information Standard, only 11 percent of…


How to improve your writing with plain English

Extract from an article by Lauren English on the The Big Hack website. View Lauren’s post by clicking here: https://bighack.org/how-to-improve-your-writing-with-plain-english/ What is plain English? Plain English is a style of writing that presents the intended message in a simple and effective way. It’s concise, easy-to-understand and free of jargon. Plain English puts the reader’s needs first and allows the reader to understand the message the first time they read it. It’s favoured by government and public health organisations like the…

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