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Suffolk Assembly of Youth: Newsletter June 2021

What is SAY? Suffolk Assembly of Youth is a network of youth organisations and young leaders in Suffolk. The SAY e-newsletter is distributed monthly with the aim of keeping people in touch with the general news, offers, opportunities, activities and services relevant to young people in Suffolk. If you’ve got something you want to shout about, let us know! We are also keen to hear real stories from young people in Suffolk, so get in touch and you could have…


Digital health and care – A project from Healthwatch Suffolk

A summary of findings from Healthwatch Suffolk project about digital health and care: This project – In brief Throughout the year 2020/21, people shared their experiences of using digital NHS and social care services with us. The aim has been to: Develop the best possible understanding about people’s experiences of using health and care services, including things that might have prevented them from accessing digital care (digital exclusion). To gather people’s thoughts on how things need to be different in…

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