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two people who have been supported by Remap



Sharing information from the charity, remap. Remap is a charity that helps disabled people of all ages to live more independent lives. Our network of skilled volunteers design and custom-make equipment free of charge. We help to improve quality of life and increase independence for disabled people of all ages, providing solutions to everyday problems when there is nothing commercially available. We design and custom-make equipment for each individual because everyone’s needs are different. Our network of skilled volunteers respond to thousands of…

staff team holding a norfolk and suffolk nhs foundation trust sign


Job opportunity: Intensive support nurse, learning disabilities

Want to be part of a friendly, excited and energised team? The Walker Close Learning Disability Intensive support team are looking for a register mental health nurse or learning disability nurse to work in the Intensive Support team. The Intensive Support Team (IST) work with people in the community to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions or providing transitional support between services. They work closely with the inpatient team at Walker Close. These acute learning disability teams are part of a wider specialist…


Colonoscopy Confidence – your common sense bowel check

Useful and important information from Bowel Cancer UK Some people feel anxious or worried when they’re told they need a colonoscopy but it’s important to have this test if you’re referred. If you’ve been asked by your doctor to have a colonoscopy it’s because they suspect something isn’t quite right about your bowel or colon, and they’d like a specialist to take a closer look. Colonoscopy is a very common procedure – thousands are carried out across the UK every…

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