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front cover of the full autism research strategy


Five-year NHS autism research strategy for England

A five-year NHS autism research strategy, to facilitate the use of the best current evidence when making decisions about autism services provided by or paid for by the NHS in England. Introduction Autism is not a rare condition (about 1–2% of England’s population is autistic). Autism should not bar anyone from a happy, healthy and long life; yet relative to their non-autistic peers, autistic people frequently experience the following: • More mental ill-health. • Greater likelihood of poor physical health…


Coronavirus and People with Learning Disabilities

The Coronavirus and People with Learning Disabilities Study The Coronavirus and People with Learning Disabilities Study directly interviewed adults with mild/moderate learning disabilities at three time points over 12 months (Cohort 1). There was also an online survey at the same time points with family members or paid carers of people with severe/profound learning disabilities (Cohort 2). The three waves of data collection took place in December 2020 – February 2021; April – May 2021; and July – August 2021.…

Chris Packham and the BBC logo


Inside The Autistic Mind

Inside The Autistic Mind: a new BBC series with Chris Packham BBC Studios is making a new series with Chris Packham about the lived experience of autism for BBC Two. If you’re autistic and would like to take part, please tell a little bit about yourself. You can fill in the form by clicking this link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/send/u98539434 If you have accessibility issues that prevent you from completing the form, please get in touch via autismseries@bbc.co.uk and we can make alternative arrangements.

couple hugging and smiling sitting in a park


Growing Older – Planning Ahead

A research project looking at improving the support for older people with learning disabilities, family, carers, and supporting end of life care planning for carers. This is a research project from the Open University. The research team are looking for people with learning disabilities to join a co-design group! This means working together to find the best ways to do things. The group will find ways to help people make plans. You can join if you are over 40 &…

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