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Why we need Changing Places toilets

How accessible are standard accessible toilets? Did you know that standard accessible toilets do not always meet the additional needs of all disabled people? People with certain disabilities, including profound or multiple learning disabilities, spinal injuries and muscular dystrophy, find their needs are often not met in regular accessible toilets. They require extra equipment and more space to allow them, or their carers, to assist them in using the toilets safely and comfortably.  The Changing Places Consortium launched its campaign in 2006…


Face coverings and the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

A message from the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme: “On 11 January – as coronavirus cases continue to rise and England is in a third lockdown – the UK Government said it was getting tougher on face mask enforcement in supermarkets after infections and deaths across the country reached “crisis point.” On Tuesday 12 January, the big four supermarkets confirmed they would all be adopting a policy of refusing entry to non-mask wearers.“ “We are extremely shocked, saddened and disappointed with…


Quiet Shopping Hours

Back in July Morrisons introduced a Quiet Shopping Hour every Saturday between 9am-10am. For people with autism and sensory overload disorder this has been a very welcomed initiative as shopping under normal conditions with noises from music, intercom and till bleeps can be unbearable at times. Matt Foulger, who works as a People First Supporter at Ace Anglia and has autism, said, “It gives people who have autism the opportunity for them to live good ordinary lives as part of…

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