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Valuing Lived Experience – Learning with National Voices

Sharing details of an event hosted by National Voices. Voices for Improvement Facilitating the co-existence of Lived and Learned Experience We know that people with Lived Experience bring important insight to the design and delivery of care, and understand how resources can be directed for better value. However, they do not often get the opportunity to work alongside system leaders to support improvement. Voices for Improvement, a National Voices project in partnership with Q Community, offers Lived Experience Partners the opportunity…


The Future of Lived Experience: a conference hosted by the Institute of Community Reporters

Everyone has a story to tell – we know this wholeheartedly, but right now, it also feels like everyone is asking for our stories and there is a risk of storytelling fatigue setting in. How do we ensure that people who share their lived experiences are valued and that those experiences are treated as a valid form of data in their own right? How does society, institutions and organisations – ourselves included – to get better a working with stories…

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