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War in Ukraine

Information shared by Learning Disability England. Lots of members have been telling us they are worried about the people in Ukraine and what is happening there. Sally Hirst has shared this easy read on Facebook It helps to explain what is happening. There is also Easy News from United Response has done an easy read that helps to explain too. Read the Easy News article here At the moment there is not very much easy read or accessible information about the situation…


Domestic abuse: how to get help – easy read version

Find out how to get help if you or someone you know is being abused at home. This document tells you how to know if you are a victim of domestic abuse. It also tells you where to get help and support if you or someone you know is being abused at home. You can view and download the document by clicking this link: https://suffolkordinarylives.co.uk/resources/domestic-abuse-how-to-get-help-easy-read-version/

two women talking to a police officer


Hate crime

Hate crime causes great distress to its victims and the wider community. Suffolk Police takes this type of crime very seriously and is committed to tackling it to make our communities safer. What is Hate Crime? Any criminal offence which is perceived to be motivated by prejudice based on: race religion or belief physical or sensory disability learning disability or mental health age gender sexual orientation gender identity. What does Suffolk Police do about Hate Crime? It is the policy of Suffolk…


24/7 live chat now available for victims

From 6pm on 24th April, Victim Support’s online services will include Live Chat, a 24/7 online support service. It will be available to all victims of crime in England and Wales. Visit: www.victimsupport.org.uk/live-chat Support needs for victims of crime such as those impacted by Hate Crime, Scams & Fraud and Domestic Abuse, are growing. We are pleased that this vital service will now be available to everyone in England and Wales. The service is provided by people specially trained to help those affected by any crime…

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