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The campaign for more Changing Places toilets has been given a big boost with two exciting developments from the Government

This Changing Places Awareness Day 2020 we are delighted to announce that changes will be made to legislation to make Changing Places toilets mandatory in new, large public buildings in England.

On top of that, more funding will be made available to install Changing Places toilets at 37 motorway services stations.

What does this mean?

A major change to guidance for building rules in England will require thousands of large and well equipped accessible toilet facilities to be designed and built into new public buildings, from next year.

The announcement from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government states:

  • Compulsory inclusion of Changing Places Toilets in new public building to help 250,000 people
  • Shopping centres, sports stadiums and arts venues among buildings listed
  • Changes will help ensure everyone in society benefits from lockdown easing

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