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The Inclusive Transport Strategy: achieving equal access for disabled people

The government’s plans to make our transport system more inclusive and better for disabled people.

Inclusive transport strategy

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Transport is at the heart of how we live our lives. It helps us get to work, stay in touch with friends and family, contribute to society and access vital services like healthcare and education. Easy access to transport is central to building a stronger, fairer economy.

While many take for granted the ability to travel easily from A to B, this is not the reality for everyone. That is why this Government is determined to make sure that disabled people have the same access to transport as everyone else, and that they are able to travel easily, confidently and without extra cost.

I have been encouraged by the increasing awareness among transport operators of the need to design and deliver their services in a genuinely inclusive way, in particular the greater recognition that less visible disabilities such as autism, dementia or anxiety can be just as much of a barrier to travel as a visible disability.

Some of this will naturally take time. However there are many things which can be done quickly and at relatively low cost, such as improving the training of staff, making information more accessible and ensuring existing legislation is properly enforced.

This Strategy sets out an ambitious programme of work to deliver these improvements over the next few years.

We have come a long way, but a genuinely inclusive transport system will be central to this Government’s mission to build a country that works for everyone. There is much still to be done and Government cannot do this on its own.

Thank you for your support.

Nusrat Ghani Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport

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