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We Belong

In the autumn of 2020, Disability Rights UK launched a new campaign – We Belong.

From September to November, we gathered the opinions of disabled people from
across the country, young and old, from all kinds of backgrounds.
We sought comment through our newsletters, social media, email and phone, and
virtual meetings. We ran Zoom meetings on transport, employment, the built
environment, housing, participation, services and retail.
We held discussions with groups of disabled people experiencing multiple forms of
discrimination including people from BAME backgrounds, women, LGBTQIA* people,
young people and children. We also hosted a discussion for parents of disabled
children and young people.
We heard from a wide cross-section of disabled people. What you will read below is a
summary of how society needs to change, based on the thoughts, feelings and
experiences of disabled people on the state of this nation and how it recognises, treats,
protects and empowers us.

Disabled people make up a fifth of our population. We are not invisible. And yet we are
too often overlooked. We are the largest minority that faces discrimination in this
country. We are the forgotten majority.

Society must change how it views and includes us. It is time for everyone to recognise
and acknowledge that We Belong.

We Belong in society.
We Belong in the workforce.
We Belong in our neighbourhoods.
We Belong in our towns, villages and cities.
We Belong in our schools, colleges and universities.
We Belong on public transport.
We Belong in our shops.
We Belong in our cinemas.
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We Belong – A report from Disability Rights UK

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